About Jack Fan

An architecture student that has realised that he is not a designer and has stepped back from the chaos of the profession to view it through different eyes.

The WikiHouse

Open source is potentially the most philanthropic endeavor man has ever gone out to undertake. The sharing of informative, potentially life-changing information and knowledge for absolutely nothing. There is no better time for more open source development than right now with internet and global communication more readily available than ever.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to help out with such an open source project. The construction of the first WikiHouse Project in New Zealand. As some might recall, Christchurch one of our biggest cities was hit with an earthquake about a month before the tsunami earthquake in Japan of 2011. As kiwis are far too laid back and slow at making decisions than the Japanese, not much of the rebuild has actually been undertaken let alone completed..


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The Mind of Many Ideas

Ideas are amazing things. It dictates who we are as individuals; it guides us in our lives, careers and helps us make the big decisions.
Ideas also change not only who we are, but go on to influence other people and on the rare occasions, the world.
This is a blog dedicated to targeting the latter. Ideas that could change the world and our surroundings…this is like the Inception blog of blogs…within a blog.


I love the field of design and architecture, but perhaps not enough to continue my pursuit of happiness in an architectural firm. In a time where design lowly valued by many and seen as a luxury and not a necessity by others, designers fight hard for what they believe in. I commend you, so much so that I will raise this drink in your honour.

I continue to read and be briefly inspired by design ideas from various writings and projects around the world. It would be oh so unfortunate for my mass knowledge to be wasted, so here is the collection of all the things that comes across my mind written in the signature style of yours truly; with wit, wisdom and modesty.

If you ever see me around and want to buy me a drink…you know what to get now.Gin_and_Tonic@feature1